Our Pledge:

We'll serve you the BEST pizza in Eugene, using the finest spices in our tomato sauce, unbleached flour, and our 100% fresh shredded mozzarella cheese. Our daily-made pizza dough is tossed by hand and baked on our over bricks.

About Sy's New York Pizza...

Sy’s Pizza sits in its original location since 1978. Sy Zeer came from New York over 30 years ago to start the local business and introduce single slice pizza to Eugene. Our pizza is the closest thing you will get to the East Coast in all of Eugene. With barstool seating and old photos of New York lining the walls, this no-nonsense joint looks just like the iconic shops along the East Coast.

Mark Fischer, current owner of Sy’s Pizza, in Eugene, Oregon, keeps the New York style feel that was started by creator, Sy Zeer. The ownership changed in 2006, but the business has stayed the same. Sy Zeer, the original owner, personally taught Fischer everything he needed to know before passing the business on.

Serving Eugene for Over 40 Years!

Sy's New York Pizza represents a great place to relax and enjoy a slice of authentic New York pizza. We hold true to our tradition of excellent service and an authentic dining atmosphere, something that you can only find at Sy's. This iconic Eugene restaurant is a favorite for the locals, whether it be students looking for a place to grab a bite between classes, or our loyal customers who simply can't get enough. All are welcome!

If you're new in town or haven't tried us before, stop by and enjoy a taste of New York! We'd love to show you the best pizza in all of Eugene. If you can't stop by, you can order us through the following deliver services. We're open past midnight!

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